Reminiscing About My Placement Year

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Grab a cup of tea and some biscuits and take a seat as I tell you about my placement year and all the wisdom I gained. I worked as an Alumni Relations Assistant here at Aston University. My role involved focusing on 2 main areas: data quality and student and young Alumni engagement. In a nutshell, I worked on maintaining and building relationships with those who have already graduated from Aston and those who were close to graduating. Placement was a great experience overall. As a student, the 9-5 work lifestyle does hit you at first, but then you get … Read More

Looking after your mental health whilst on placement

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Doing a placement can be a chance to explore a new city or country, meet new people, get out of education for a while, gain an insight into a new industry or career path and discover many, many, many more exciting opportunities. However, a placement year also means a brand new routine, perhaps in a place where you may not have friends or family around, which isn’t always easy to get used to and can be lonely sometimes! Luckily, there are a couple of things that you can do – and should do – to look after your mental health … Read More

Adapting to new cultures on your placement year

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In the coming months, you will be starting a new chapter abroad! Wherever you go in the world, whether it is Australia or South America, Europe or the Far East, it is important to do as much preparation as you can before you start your next big step. Having lived abroad in Belgium for a year, here are my top tips to fight against the culture shock and how you can make the most out of your time abroad. Learn a new language Your placement year may be in a country where English is not its official language. This can … Read More

An honest reflection on my placement in France

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Bonjour and welcome back to another blog post! My placement at Air France in Toulouse has been and gone so now its time to look back and reflect on my experience, so I would like to share some of my thoughts that may be helpful to those of you heading off on placements later this year. If you’re a new reader to the blog, I worked as an English Language Assistant at Air France’s IT and Accounting Departments in Toulouse for 4 months. I was responsible for organising English conversation classes for around 65 employees, assessing their language level and … Read More

How to tackle Winter blues

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The festive season is full of excitement, food and magic. Which is all wonderfully lovely, but it does make the following months seem extra cold, dull and drab by comparison. We’re looking at you, January and February. It can be especially tough if you went home for Christmas and now you’re back at the office or in university, maybe struggling a little with homesickness (which is completely normal, by the way). So, we thought we’d share a few pearls of winter wisdom to help you tackle the winter blues. Plan something to look forward toIf you’re struggling with homesickness, consider … Read More

Secured an international placement? Here are some things to think about.

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Congratulations on securing an international placement! Now that you’ve passed the stressful part it’s time for something exciting in your placement prep (kinda). Research! Here’s a checklist of essentials to look up before heading off into your placement: Finding accommodation First and foremost, housing! Speaking to your placement company or institution is a good start as they have the best knowledge of the area. Pro tip: Facebook groups for expats are also good for finding a home. When you have a nice list of houses and flats, go visit them in person. This gives you a chance to speak directly … Read More

3 useful tips when preparing for placement year

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When the stress of placement hunting is finally over and you’re eagerly awaiting the start date of the placement position you’ve accepted, there are bound to be a gazillion questions floating around your head. For most, a placement job is the first taste of full-time employment which brings a whole new host of experiences that casual waitressing or a paper round probably did not. To help make the transition as worry-free as possible, here are my top three useful tips of things I wish I knew before embarking on my placement year. The days are long, but you will adjust … Read More

Finding accommodation for your placement year

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So, you’ve secured your placement. Life is good, no more job application forms to fill in or interviews to prepare for. But there is one more thing to figure out for your placement year – where are you going to live? Here are a few handy tips from my own experience that should make your home search as stress-free as possible: Connect with fellow interns On my placement year there were Facebook groups for interns to join (if there isn’t one then mention it to your placement employer and see if you can get one started). I posted a message … Read More

8 practical tips to boost your confidence for interviews

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We’re not all blessed with the confidence gene, are we? Some of us get panicky if the self-checkout is closed and we have to speak to an actual real-life human person. Some of us feel physically sick when we have to interview for a job. Some of us just don’t know what to say when we’re seated next to strangers at events. We’ll let you into a secret – a spectacularly small number of people are naturally confident. For the rest of us, it’s something we need to work on. And the good news is, there’s lots you can do … Read More

Balancing Second Year

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You may have underestimated how stressful second-year would be. However, if you follow some of these tips you will definitely have a successful year. Balancing placements, exams, coursework, maybe a part-time job and a social life is overwhelming however perseverance is key to second-year.  Priorities Make sure you have your priorities in order. Academia obviously comes first, but maybe consider putting equal effort into finding a placement. Great placement opportunities often close early on and often have many stages including assessment centers. Don’t wait to Easter to apply, see a job role you like? Apply for it! Set yourself some … Read More