Mastering virtual interviews

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More and more employers are offering video and virtual interviews these days. While this is great news if you always dread getting lost on the way to a face-to-face interview or panic about a bus not turning up when you need one, virtual interviews can present a different set of challenges. That’s why today we’re sharing our top tips for mastering these types of interviews – don’t worry, you’ve got this. Test your tech beforehand Virtual interviews are stressful enough, without adding technical problems to the mix. Avoid any potential glitches by testing your equipment before the interview date. This … Read More

Why and how to practise online job assessments

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Do you have a dream company in mind? Both small and large organisations will require you to complete Online Job Assessments as part of their application process. These vary from ‘traditional’, though extremely common, aptitude tests to ‘modern’ styles of assessment, such as Game-Based Assessments now used by 10% of employers, and Video Interviews. As the area of online job assessments has become a staple for employers when recruiting, so too has the amount of preparation required by candidates to meet the company’s requirements. It is now essential more than ever to get familiar with the types of Assessments you … Read More

5 super useful careers resources to use over the festive break

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Graduates First If you’re not already, we recommend signing up to Graduates First over the festive break. Graduates First is an online portal that hosts a range of useful aptitude tests that you’re likely to come across during placement or graduate role recruitment processes. These include numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests, situational judgement tests, as well as games based assessments. They also offer valuable advice on assessment centres and insights on the recruitment processes of some of the UK’s biggest graduate employers. The portal will log your performance on each test, offering helpful analytics and reports on how you … Read More

How to improve your confidence

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Name: Gurpreet Singh Garcha Studied at: Aston University Degree: BSc (Hons) Computer Science & Multimedia Name of the organisation where you work: Capgemini Job title: Graduate Test Consultant Confidence is largely defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation from one’s own abilities and qualities. Confidence levels, however, can vary from person to person. Some may radiate confidence, others may struggle. But the truth is that confidence can simply be improved and developed over time. Train Yourself Some people (like myself) have certain fears in life – mine being the fear of heights. Step out your comfort zone and test your mind … Read More

Mistakes I Made: Emme Hunt

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During second-year I had my first ever formal interview for an industrial placement at GSK. Despite intense preparation, my lack of experience intensified the pressure I was already under. On the day of the interview I tried to remain calm and composed, however walking into the reception area I have never felt more out of place.  There were at least 30 other students all dressed in sharp suits, exuding confidence, intimidating just like a scene out of The Apprentice. The interviewers themselves were incredibly welcoming which put me at ease, although there were a few early signs that I was … Read More

5 key questions to ask at a careers fair!

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If you’re heading into you final year, you’re likely to be bombarded with information about graduate jobs from the moment you return. With many application deadlines hitting before the end of the first term, it’s crucial you start thinking about your future career soon. Visiting a careers fair can be a great way to kick-start your job search for that perfect graduate role. They give you the opportunity to meet recruiters, understand what’s it like to work for a wide range of companies and find the information you need to know on the application process. The GradJobs team have been … Read More

10 common mistakes we see in interviews

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Following on from the success of 10 common mistakes we see in applications, we’d like to introduce you to: 10 common mistakes we see in interviews. Without further ado, here are real interview mistakes we’ve seen Aston students making. Whilst the mistakes are real, Jim, Janet, Colin and Aaron are fictional characters. Any resemblance to actual Aston students is purely coincidental. 1. Not shaking hands with the interview panel. Did you know that within the first seven seconds of meeting, a person will have formed an impression of you? That’s right, seven seconds. So make those seven seconds count. Shake … Read More

The 5 Biggest Graduate Errors at Interview

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Getting an interview after graduating can be both exciting and terrifying – it’s your first opportunity to really sell yourself and your skills, but it might also be your first ever interview. So how do you make sure it goes well? We spoke to Abby Guthrie-Svanholm, hiring manager for Findcourses UK, Findcourses USA and, who makes a point of hiring graduates fresh out of their bachelors or masters’ degrees, to find out what top 5 mistakes graduates make in interviews. Here’s what Abby had to say:

Bounce back and be your best self

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When being faced with setbacks, giving up sometimes looks like the easiest option. It can be very frustrating when interviews for placements, jobs and graduate schemes are unsuccessful. When I had an unsuccessful job interview, I initially felt defeated. But I soon began to think about why I didn’t succeed in the interview. To me, this reflection was extremely valuable. The interview made me face an uncomfortable anxiety and the reflection on my unsuccessful interview allowed me to improve upon myself for future opportunities, which may be more fruitful. These moments offer such valuable experiences you can’t find elsewhere. They … Read More