5 online tools to support your career

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Let’s not beat about the bush – competition for jobs is tougher than usual right now. That means you’re going to need to draw on all the tricks in your box if you want to secure yourself one. As an Aston student or graduate, you’ll pleased to know we’ve got a few extra tricks for you that you can keep up your sleeve. They come in the form of our online tools. Today we’re going to be sharing 5 free online tools to support your career. Let’s dive right in. FirsthandFirsthand is a really useful tool if you’re looking for … Read More

Careers+Placements support you can access as a recent graduate

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The time has come for you to fly the Aston nest *wipes away tears*. We don’t know where the last few years have gone either. However, the good news is that this doesn’t have to be goodbye, because you can still access our services for the next three years (woohoo!). Take a look at how we can continue to support you during the next stage of your journey. Get up close and personal with our Careers Graduate Team Who are those guys, we hear you ask? Well, our dedicated Careers Graduate Team are part of Careers+Placements and they will be … Read More

Reasons to not give up on your job search

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The search for a placement in your second year or graduate role in your final year is never is easy, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic which has caused some firms to slow down their recruitment drives as they move to virtual ways of recruiting. Nonetheless, this isn’t an excuse to give up! There are still firms recruiting and looking to take on Aston University students and graduates! I know this to be a fact as I have just completed my final year exams, and last week I accepted a graduate role starting later this year. This comes … Read More

Testing, testing… (Why do employers use psychometric tests and what do I need to know?)

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The background So, last week I took part in a four-day online training session to become an expert in psychometric tests… Okay, perhaps ‘expert’ might be a strong word to use. It might be better to say that I’ve gained a significantly better understanding of the range of tests used and the way in which they’re helpful to employers. To be a true expert, I still have some distance to travel… However, I thought it might be really helpful to share some insights with you, so that you have a better understanding of what psychometric tests are, why employers use … Read More

I just called, to say…

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Blog post aimed at recent postgraduate graduates (2020) I’m quite old. Ok, let’s be truthful here: compared to a lot of people who will be reading this blog, I’m VERY old! (Think of how old your parents may be, or even older…) Why am I telling you this? Well, it means that I have lived through some great popular music. (Yes, believe it or not, there is a careers theme to this, so stick with me…) As I was taking a break from lockdown tasks earlier today, I realised that a lot of the songs I’ve listened to in the … Read More

How has COVID-19 affected employer recruitment plans

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Here’s a blog post by Sarah Collins, Postgraduate Business Development Manager, Careers+Placements. It aims to give Postgraduate students and graduates an update on the feedback we’re hearing from employers about the effects COVID-19 is having on their recruitment plans. We thought it might help to know some of the plans they have now and for the future, as many of you are planning your own futures and wondering what might happen in the jobs market. Hi everyone! Firstly, I’ll give you a little insight into my personal experience at the moment and the conversations I’m having, which are mainly around … Read More

10 things you can do to stay positive during lock-down

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There’s no denying that life has well and truly been turned upside down, and anxiety levels have never been higher. It can be tough to stay positive in times like this, but it’s something that can really help you.  Here are my top tips for staying positive and protecting your mental health. 1). Limit your news intakeYou don’t have to be glued to the news 24/7 – you’re not irresponsible or ignorant if you choose not to watch it. It’s important that you’re clued up on key updates from the government, but you don’t need to torture yourself looking at … Read More

Digital resources to help you keep on top of your job search

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It’s a strange world we’re living in right now, isn’t it? What with everything going on, we totally understand searching for a placement or graduate job might be the last thing on your mind. If you do want to keep up the search though, you’ll be pleased to know there are lots of things you can do to help boost your chances of being successful in applications*, all from the comfort of your own home (changing out of your PJs is optional). *Despite the unfolding situation with COVID-19, we recommend you still continue with your job search, but please be … Read More

Exploring Further Study

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In my previous blog post, I provided some thoughts/answers to the question, “Why should I consider further study?” In this post, I’m making an assumption (sometimes a dangerous thing to do, I grant you, but let’s go with it), that you’re still interested in undertaking further study and that you are now thinking about some of the more practical elements, to determine how feasible it might really be. I’ll try not to rehash what I wrote previously. Instead, I would like to focus on the main things you may wish to investigate before deciding upon a specific course or location. … Read More

Why I’m opting to do a postgraduate degree

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As a final year university student, you may either be thinking “I’m so done with education – I want money” or “I’m a huge bookworm and crave learning more”. As you’re reading this, you’re probably leaning more the latter like I am. Studying Business has allowed me to explore many different functional areas of an organisation and specialise in the fields I find interesting. But because of the flexibility of this, I became lost in what I actually knew. That’s when I started considering postgraduate study. Here are a few questions I asked myself before applying for courses: What are … Read More