7 benefits of working for an SME

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Quite literally, SME stands for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise. In the UK, this refers to a business with fewer than 250 employees, and a turnover of less than £50 million. Did you know that the combined annual turnover of all UK SMEs is £2 trillion? Or that over 16 million people are employed by SMEs in the UK? So as you can see, an SME might be small in name and reputation, but their impact is massive! Big businesses offer some great benefits – but bigger doesn’t always mean better. There’s an abundance of opportunity to develop your career prospects … Read More

Balancing revision and relaxation over the holidays

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The Christmas break is coming up! While for some it may be a time to relax and enjoy the festive holidays, for others (like me!) there will be exams to revise for and assignments to complete during this time. But it is just as important not to forget that it’s okay – and also a must! – to enjoy the festivities. The aim is to get a balance between relaxing and studying. It can be quite daunting figuring out how to achieve this balance at university – especially if it’s your first time doing assignments/exams at university level – so … Read More

My tips for revising over the Christmas period

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With Christmas just around the corner, distraction from exam revision is at its peak. It can be difficult to keep focused on university when you have numerous opportunities to eat mince pies and watch Home Alone. However, if you want to avoid panicked revision-cramming in January, take note of my three top tips: 1) Work little and often. If you don’t work well doing prolonged periods of intense revision (like me) then it may be easier for you to do more frequent but shorter bursts of revision. It always helps to have a revision schedule, this means you can make … Read More

Revising for First Year exams over the Christmas break

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Your first university exams and deadlines can be quite daunting, so here are my top tips for getting through them which I hope you find useful! Firstly, the best way to prepare for exams and deadlines is by starting your revision early. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you’re up-to-date with all your course material. If you’re up-to-date and understand it, it’ll make your revision a lot more productive. If you’re struggling with anything, make sure to speak to your lecturers early on so they can help you.

What I wish I had known in First Year

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Welcome to Aston – I hope you’re all happy with your choice of university! Aston University is a fantastic choice with a massive range of degree subjects, leading graduate employment rates and student satisfaction. One of the most difficult things for anyone who has been or is a student at university is settling in. As a final year undergraduate Mathematics student in the EAS school, I have been through the same things as you are going through now – my advice is to enjoy the experience! Time flashes by so soak up every moment.

My advice to LSS First Years

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Being a Second Year, I understand some of the concerns that come from leaving home and attending university. For most of you, this is probably your first experience of living away from home and, for others who live here in Birmingham, coming to university is still a huge adjustment and nothing that school or college quite prepares you for. Homesickness is completely normal and should lessen as you get more involved in university life. If things ever become too much, there are excellent student support services on campus. You can access these via the student HUB or you can drop … Read More

How to help make university ‘the best time of your life’

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There’s a popular expectation that the years you spend at university are meant to be ‘the best time of your life’ and it can be difficult when you don’t feel that way. Settling in to a new environment isn’t always easy, but there are things you can do to help. Here are my three top tips: Scheduling social activities will give you things to look forward to whilst helping you build a network of friends outside of your accommodation and degree. With over 100 clubs/societies at Aston University, you are bound to find other people with a passion that you … Read More

My tips for settling into life at Aston

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Welcome to Aston University – we hope your Freshers’ Week was more fun than you imagined! By now you’ll hopefully be starting to settle in. Settling into campus might seem a bit daunting, especially if you are not from around Birmingham. But, like a lot of things, it gets easier over time. A huge tip for settling in is making friends, especially friends on your course. You can discuss your work, and it can also help you to stay in the know – not just about your course but about a lot of things on campus such as societies and … Read More

Opportunities for International Students at Aston University

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As an international student, it can be hard to know what your options are after completing your course. The questions around visas and permits are many, and knowing where to look for roles that suit your needs can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together a guide on how to get the most out of the opportunities available to you as an international student at Aston. So let’s get started… Visas & permits and rights to work. The Hub at Aston University is the first place you should go to for support and advice on a number of issues, including visas … Read More