Bounce back and be your best self

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When being faced with setbacks, giving up sometimes looks like the easiest option. It can be very frustrating when interviews for placements, jobs and graduate schemes are unsuccessful.

When I had an unsuccessful job interview, I initially felt defeated. But I soon began to think about why I didn’t succeed in the interview. To me, this reflection was extremely valuable. The interview made me face an uncomfortable anxiety and the reflection on my unsuccessful interview allowed me to improve upon myself for future opportunities, which may be more fruitful. These moments offer such valuable experiences you can’t find elsewhere. They can teach you how to present yourself and they can motivate you to keep on striving for more opportunities.

That being said, in the moment, these setbacks can feel shocking and upsetting. When you feel this way, it is important to care for yourself. Take time to relax and regroup. Taking time out after a setback doesn’t have to be stagnant – you can stay productive by creating an action plan which you can begin to follow as soon as you feel ready to work towards your goals again. Reflecting on what happened and how you feel is healthy, however, try not to dwell on the past. You can’t change what happened, but you can learn from it.

At times, university is hard and setbacks can make it feel even harder. However, it is important to remember that hard times pass and give way for other opportunities. As cliché as it is, university is a journey. There are peaks and troughs, and throughout it all there are lessons (not just the lectures). Take it all in and reflect upon it, apply what you have learnt and use it in striving for your success.

Sally, Final Year C+P Associate

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