Answering your placement year questions

AbbyOn Placement

The placement experience can offer a great learning experience. You can develop skills, knowledge and experience, you can develop your professional network, and you can give your CV an impressive boost.

Sometimes though, things crop up that can be tricky to navigate. To help, we’ve pulled together some of the most frequently-asked questions from our placement students.

So if you’re on placement, or you plan on going on placement soon, keep reading!

Where can I find my Placement tutor and assessment documents?
Your Placement Tutors and assessment schedules are assigned during term 1 by your College and will be available to you on the placement section of Blackboard. You will be notified by your College when this goes live, but as a rough guide, we expect it will be up by the end of November.

Why do I need my placement approved?
As your placement counts towards your academic progression, we need to be able to verify your placement provider and placement type. For instance, if you are a language student you will need to complete your placement in the target language. We recommend submitting your placement documents to MAP within the first 6 weeks of starting your placement. That way you know that your weeks will count towards your 20 – 48 week placement experience. Having an approved placement also means that you can use it towards your academic assignment as well as ensuring you pay the correct student finance amount for the year.

Why is it taking so long to approve my placement?
All of your placement documents need to be checked and verified by our trained team of safety specialists. We advise that once you submit your documents, it can take up to 3 weeks for them to be approved. We will email you to let you know that your placement is either approved or if we need more detail. You will hear from us either way. Your placement status can also be found on your MAP placement page.

My scholarship is marked as rejected. Please help!
Scholarship enquiries should be directed to However, a condition of your scholarship is to have an approved placement. You’ll need to check you have uploaded all of your documents to your MAP record and pressed submit. Once your placement is approved, your scholarship status will change. Please allow 3 weeks from date of submission.

I am working remotely. Why does my employer need to complete a Health and Safety form?
As you are enrolled on your placement, Aston University has a duty of care to your welfare and wellbeing. This goes for whether you’re here with us on campus, or away on your placement at home or on site. Placement providers need to be able to provide you with suitable information and guidance on how to work from home safely. This is part of our health and safety check. In addition, we need to make sure they have the correct levels of insurance during your placement. We have advice for working from home here.

I have found an international placement and want to go next week. Is that okay?
Risk assessments are carried out on a case-by-case basis to determine travel and placement approval. You will need to email the On-Placement Support Team at with your travel and placement plans, or upload them to your MAP record, so that we can conduct the risk assessment. You will need to allow at least 10 weeks prior to your proposed travel dates.

Please do not book travel or incur travel expenses prior to travel and placement approval. If you do book things such as accommodation or flights prior to getting approval from the university, this will be under your own financial risk.