Anisha shares her advice for getting into recruitment

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Hello Aston Students!

I would like to introduce myself as Anisha who currently works as Talent Executive for Consult Energy within the internal recruitment team, as well as recruiting externally. I am also part of the Aston Alumni, having completed a BSc (Hons) Psychology and Sociology degree.

What do you enjoy about your current role?

I love building relationships and communicating with a diverse range of people, coming from a range of backgrounds and have studied different subjects. Although I mostly work with graduates, I have come to find that everyone has something unique to offer, whether that’s from their part-time work, volunteering or travelling. I also love the networking aspect of my role, allowing me to engage with universities and promote the Consult Energy Brand. As a recruiter, it’s always rewarding to know that you will always leave your candidate with something, whether that be assessment centre practise or their dream role!

What are the challenges of recruitment?

The main challenge that I have faced has been dealing with rejection/ adapting to sudden changes. If I could go back in time and tell third-year Anisha anything, it would be that resilience is more than a CV buzzword, it’s a mindset and skill within recruitment. Adopting a positive and can-do mindset is the best way for me to bounce back from setbacks within my role, as well as having people within the company to support me. I have often been told ‘control what you can’ which rings very true when put in uncertain situations.

What is your best advice for those looking to get into recruitment?

Give it a try! Recruitment is an industry that does not judge and so with the right mindset, attributes, and qualities you can achieve great things. The lessons you have learned throughout your degree will be useful such as; time management, organisation and planning and teamwork etc, so you can absolutely apply the skills you have learnt within recruitment. I think recruitment is extremely developmental for graduates, specifically by testing their resilience, their ability to problem solve and adapt to new situations- all of which are skills that ultimately fuel success.

Biggest lesson learnt?

I had to learn how to celebrate the everyday wins in recruitment, which is something I learnt to do specifically in this role. Previously, I thought that I had to achieve the result as soon possible, ignoring the process it took to get there. Recruitment has helped me to see that the small steps are crucial to achieving the end goal and should absolutely be celebrated!

Written by Anisha Sahota