6 reasons why you should apply for a KTP Associate opportunity at Aston

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What is a KTP?

A KTP is a joint project between a Company and a Knowledge Base (University), which is part-funded by Innovate UK.

As part of a KTP project, an ‘Associate’ is recruited to complete the work proposed by the company and University.

Here at Aston, we regularly advertise KTP Associate opportunities on the Aston Jobs webpage as well as on Aston Futures, and they are a great way to accelerate your career.

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Here’s 6 reasons why you should consider becoming a KTP Associate:

  1. To gain practical work experience: KTP Associates work on real-world projects within companies, allowing you to apply your academic knowledge in a live business environment.
  2. To develop transferable skills: working on a KTP will give you the opportunity to use and enhance skills such as project management, communication, and problem-solving. You will also have a personal development budget which you can use to progress your career via booking training courses, events or conferences relevant to your field.
  3. To network: Participating in a KTP can provide valuable networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with professionals in your field of study and potentially enhance future job opportunities.
  4. To gain support from experienced mentors: Working on a KTP at Aston provides you with an extensive support network. You’ll be supported by staff ready to coach and mentor you, including a dedicated and experienced Knowledge Transfer Adviser.
  5. To contribute to research: KTPs often involve working on cutting-edge research projects, allowing you to contribute to the development of new knowledge and innovations, as well as publications and research papers based on the results of the project. Top of Form
  6. To boost your employability: Having a completed KTP project on your CV can greatly enhance your career prospects. Around 75% of KTP Associates are offered full-time employment with their host organisation – often in a senior position.
Picture by Edward Moss Photography All rights reserved. Aston University ABS

Can international students apply?

Yes! All KTP Associate vacancies are open to international applicants via a competitive recruitment process.

For more information on KTPs at Aston University, get in touch at ktp@aston.ac.uk, check the website or watch this video.