6 online tools to support your career

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Let’s not beat about the bush – competition for jobs is tougher than usual right now. That means you’re going to need to draw on all the tricks in your box if you want to secure yourself one.

As an Aston student or graduate, you’ll pleased to know we’ve got a few extra tricks for you that you can keep up your sleeve. They come in the form of our online tools.

Today we’re going to be sharing 6 free online tools to support your career. Let’s dive right in.

When you upload your CV to CV360, you’ll receive instant, detailed feedback in seconds, to help you optimise your CV and boost your chances of securing an interview. Once you’ve done this part, you can book an appointment with a Placement Coordinator or Careers Consultant who will be able to check the finer details and help you tailor your CV to the roles or industries you’re interested in.
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Firsthand is a really useful tool if you’re looking for advice from industry professionals. They can put you in touch with people who work in the area you’d like to work in, and who have been in the position you’re in now. You can chat through your career ideas and plans, get tips, advice and feedback on your CV, and even run a mock interview. The team at Firsthand also deliver webinars on a range of industry topics!
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You might have heard us talking about LaunchPad before, and there’s a reason for that. We love it. LaunchPad is a global leader in recruitment automation, and it’s great if you’re looking to practise your video interview technique. Video interviewing is, understandably, on the rise. It can feel daunting at first, but the more you practise, the more comfortable you’ll feel doing it, and the better you’ll do in your next video interview.
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Team Focus
Psychometric tests. They can be a pain, right? Abstract, numerical, verbal reasoning, situational judgement… it’s a minefield. To help you navigate it, we’ve signed up with Team Focus, Profiling for Success, so that you can practise them.  The site also offers a learning styles indicator, a type dynamics indicator, and a career interest inventory.
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Graduates First
Graduates First is fantastic. Through their site you can access genuine aptitude tests to practise. You’ll be able to do tests in numerical, verbal and logical reasoning, as well as situational judgement. Plus, you can complete the work personality questionnaire, and use the question identifier tool. What’s more, you can also have a go at some assessment exercises, such as case studies, in-tray, presentations and group discussions. Each of the tests is timed, and you’ll get a feedback report straight away so that you can see how you did.
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If you’re considering a move abroad, consider using GoinGlobal. This tool offers global careers guides to help you understand whether a move overseas is right for you and your career aspirations. Take advantage of:

  • Country career guides – constantly updated career advice for the leading employment markets around the world.
  • Global city career guides – location-specific employment resources for top metropolitan markets around the world.
  • U.S. city career guides – filled with helpful information about major cities throughout the United States of America.

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