11 great events taking place next week

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We’ve got 11 fantastic events coming up next week, including a roundtable with Microsoft BAME Leadership, on-campus careers touch points, placement events with Cummins, the Aston Virtual Law Fair, a placement preparation session for first years, lessons in finding a graduate role during a recession, a webinar with the youngest person on Birmingham’s inaugural Top 30 Under 30 list, and more!

There’s something for everyone! There are links to all the events down below, and you can also search for them on Aston Futures.

Placement Workshops
W/C Monday 2nd November | Online – Blackboard

Next week is the final week of the Placement Workshops! We’ll be covering what to expect and how to perform well in interviews and assessment centres. We’ll be focusing on video interviews, so be sure you don’t miss it! To access the workshops, log in to Blackboard, find your Placement Preparation 2020/21 module, click Collaborate Ultra, and you’ll be able to see your session.
Visit Blackboard.

On-Campus Careers Touch Point: Careers Planning
W/C Monday 2nd November | On Campus

This is an opportunity for you to participate in a LIVE session on campus – in person! Meet with up to 20 students across all year and subject groups to explore important careers topics, learn new skills and share ideas and experiences. This will also be an opportunity to meet with Careers+Placements team members and find out more about how we help Aston students throughout their studies and beyond to become successful with developing the necessary skills for part-time work, placements and ultimately graduate jobs.
Search Aston Futures to view the times of our On-Campus Careers Touch Points! P.S. Please be kind and wear a mask when you visit the Centre, so that we can do our bit to slow the spread.

Microsoft BAME Leadership Roundtable
Monday 2nd November | 1-1:45pm | Online 

Hear from Andy and Zephaniah, Aston alumni and leaders in the BAME Employee Resource Group at Microsoft UK. Learn about their journey from Aston into technology, what motivates them, and what they do in their role day-to-day. There’ll also be a chance to ask both senior leaders any questions you may have. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for you to network and discuss lots of different topics!
Book your spot here.

Cummins Placement Session on Manufacturing & Quality
Tuesday 3rd November | 10-11am | Online 

Join the team from Cummins and hear all about what it’s like to be a placement student there. As well as two long-term staff members, placement students Jimeet and Sam will also be taking part in the webinar, so it’s a great opportunity to ask them questions! You could ask about what it’s like to work during the Covid-19 pandemic, what support they are getting, projects they’re working on, or the application process!
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How to successfully apply to top law firms for Vacation Schemes and Training Contracts
Tuesday 3rd November | 1-2pm | Online 

Venandah Madanhi is a graduate of Aston Law School and would like to share her top tips in applying to US Law Firms, exclusively to Aston students! Venandah is the founder of Talk About, future Trainee Solicitor at Latham & Watkins, an Engagement Consultant, TEDx speaker and a multi-award winning youth advocate and innovative idea generator. Accolades include being named the youngest person on Birmingham’s inaugural Top 30 Under 30 list and ranked 6 in the UK’s annual list of outstanding Black students and graduates. 
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Cummins Placement Session on Supply Chain/Logistics & Purchasing
Tuesday 3rd November | 2-3pm | Online 

In this webinar, we’ll be joined by representatives from the Cummins Global Supply Chain Services Centre, the new UK Logistics Centre, and the Corporate Purchasing/Sourcing function. Find out what it’s like to work at Cummins, and put your questions to current placement students Jack and Federico! 
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Aston Virtual Law Fair – BSS Students Only
Wednesday 4th November | 10:30am-4:30pm | Online 
Aston Law School presents the Virtual Law Fair – an opportunity for you to hear from law firms and ask questions to help you submit high-quality applications! You will be able to attend for the whole day or individual sessions.
See which law firms are attending and book your spot here.

First Year Starter Pack: Prepping for your Placement
Wednesday 4th November | 1-2pm | Online

It’s never too early to start prepping for your placement, so join our First Year Starter Pack in collaboration with the placements team to learn about all things placement, including study abroad and information on securing a placement.
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An Introduction to DevOps hosted by Sparta Global 
Wednesday 4th November | 1-2pm | Online

Join our online workshop to find out more about the technical practice that combines software development (Dev) with IT operations (Ops). Why is it one of the most sought after skills of the decade?
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Virtual Work Experience Chat
Thursday 5th November | 11am-12pm | Online

Have you got questions about work experience? Then come along to one of our virtual chats hosted by Cathy Laird, our JobShop and Volunteering Manager. Whether you’re wondering where you can find work experience, want to know what the benefits of volunteering are or are looking to find out which companies are offering part-time jobs, we’d love to see you there.
Book your spot here.

Finding a Job in a Recession – with the Graduate Recruitment Bureau 
Thursday 5th November | 1-1:45pm | Online

Dan Hawes, Co-Founder of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, joins us for another webinar! Dan will give you reassurance, guidance and tips to maximise your chances as you enter the job market. A short presentation with time for your questions gives you a rare opportunity to learn from the experts and get ahead of the competition.
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