10 things to know about London


Since coming back from Christmas work has been quite quiet. Mainly because I have spent the past month or so laid up in bed sick but also because we’re just catching up from the madness of Christmas.

So I have put Aladdin on the TV and will give you a bit of an insight into what it is like to move to the capital city.. The big smog… LDN!

1. Zebra crossings just aren’t a thing. The cars, buses, cyclists or bin lorries don’t care for them and you actually risk your life on them every day. The scene where Regina George in Mean Girls is mowed down by the school bus is something I face every day!

2. The tubes aren’t that bad. They are convenient, when they are running, and are quite pleasant when you get a seat. Just make sure you anti bac your whole body after getting off.

3. Tourists spots become a bit of a no-go and the famous Oxford Street becomes a place you will do anything to avoid.

4. Going to the bar, pub, anywhere that serves alcohol is extremely normal after work and is actually just part of the day, like lunch time!

5. Housing is very expensive. I pay twice as much as what I did in halls and four times as much as what I did in 2nd year.

6. Walking around and getting lost can lead to the greatest finds. If you love people watching and finding new things, I highly recommend picking a tube stop and getting off and seeing what’s around.

7. Brick Lane has THE best street food. It’s amazing and caters for anyone. It’s where you’ll also find the cereal cafe too.

8. Working days are long in London. You get up early, work all day and come home late (either to do with work or a pub visitation). Either way life is very fast-paced here.

9. The pigeons have no fear. Whether it’s your foot, a car or the tube, the feathered rats are totally fearless.

10. Having an Oyster card and getting handed the metro outside the tube will make you fit in and differentiate you from the tourist.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE London. It is a beautiful, fascinating city that has so much to offer anyone. Don’t be scared of coming to the capital city, you won’t want to leave!